How to get your IGNOU Official Transcript, a complete guide

How to get your IGNOU Official Transcript: The IGNOU Official Transcript is a crucial document that encapsulates a student’s academic journey, encompassing the courses undertaken, credits earned, exams passed, and grades achieved. This legal record is indispensable for individuals planning to pursue further studies abroad, as many universities consider it for enrollment to gauge a student’s past performance.

Application Process and Address:

To acquire an IGNOU Official Transcript, candidates need to submit an application form to the Student Evaluation Division (SED) of IGNOU New Delhi. The application form can be downloaded from the IGNOU website. The Registrar’s address for submitting the form is as follows:


Student Evaluation Division (SED),

Block 12,


Maidan Garhi, New Delhi – 110068

Important Steps to Keep in Mind:

1. Each photocopy of a certificate comes at a charge.

2. Enclose photocopies of both sides of the Marks-sheet/Grade Card/Provisional Certificate and Degree Certificate corresponding to the number of transcripts required.

3. Ensure that the demand draft for the requisite fees reaches the division at least 60 days before its expiry to facilitate smooth bank transactions.

4. If you wish to collect the Official Transcript in person, provide relevant information under Point No.10, including mobile number.

5. The issuance of the Official Transcript takes a minimum of 15 days upon receiving the application form. Dispatch time depends on verification and circumstances.

Inquiry and Status:

For status inquiries, candidates can contact IGNOU at Telephone No. 011-29572210. Queries can be made between Monday to Friday during office hours, approximately 15 to 25 days after submitting the Application Form.

Fees Structure for Official Transcript:

Fees for the Official Transcript vary based on the destination and student’s nationality:

For Indian Students:

– INR 300/- per transcript within India

– INR 500/- per transcript outside India

For SAARC Country Students:

– INR 600/- per transcript within India

– INR 1200/- per transcript outside India

For Non-SAARC Country Students:

– USD 60 per transcript within India

– USD 120 per transcript outside India

Payment Mode:

Fees must be paid via demand draft drawn in favor of IGNOU and payable at New Delhi.

Sending Transcripts to Specific Institutes:

Candidates wanting to send transcripts to institutes other than their residence address should provide the complete address of the intended recipient – be it an institute, university, or company – to ensure accurate delivery.

Obtaining an IGNOU Official Transcript is a pivotal step in a student’s academic journey. This document not only represents their academic accomplishments but also plays a crucial role in unlocking opportunities for further education, both domestically and internationally. By following the outlined process and adhering to the necessary instructions, students can seamlessly acquire this essential record from IGNOU, empowering them to embark on their future endeavors with confidence.

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