IGNOU Percentage Calculator 2023, Step By Step Guide

The IGNOU Percentage Calculator for 2023 allows candidates to determine their percentage based on theory examination and assignment marks. This calculation is crucial for completing IGNOU programs and obtaining a degree certificate from the university. The calculator considers assignment marks (30% weight) and theory marks from the Term End Exam (70% weight) held in June and December.

To qualify a course, students must attain at least a “D” grade in both assignments and term-end exams, with an overall average of at least a “C” grade. The grading system is categorized from A to E, reflecting performance levels.

How To Calculater IGNOU Percentage:

To calculate your IGNOU percentage, follow these steps:

  1. Collect Your Marks: Gather your assignment marks and theory marks from your IGNOU Grade Card or Result.
  2. Calculate Weighted Marks: Multiply your assignment marks by 0.3 (30%) to get the weighted assignment marks. Multiply your theory marks by 0.7 (70%) to get the weighted theory marks.
  3. Add Weighted Marks: Add the weighted assignment marks and weighted theory marks to get the total weighted marks for each subject.
  4. Calculate Total: Sum up the total weighted marks for all subjects.
  5. Calculate Percentage: Divide the total weighted marks by the maximum possible marks (the total weighted marks of all subjects) and multiply by 100 to get your IGNOU percentage.

For example, if you have assignment marks and theory marks for subjects A, B, C, D, and E, follow these steps for each subject and then calculate the average to get your overall IGNOU percentage.

Keep in mind that the grading system is also important to consider when evaluating your performance. The provided grading system correlates with different percentage ranges, allowing you to understand your performance level better.


IGNOU Percentage Guide 2023?

We have made a complete example and formula to calculate your percentage of each exam conducted by IGNOU. This formula will be the same for the final examination of your selected program.

Obtained Marks A B
Subjects Assignments Theory 30% of Assignments 70% of the Theory Total (A+B)
A 60 64 18 44.8 62.8
B 65 56 19.5 39.2 58.7
C 70 59 21 41.3 62.3
D 76 45 22.8 31.5 54.3
E 71 52 21.3 36.4 57.7
Total 295.8
Percentage 59.16%

Grades System for percentage: Students will have to consider the below grading system which is given on the basis of the percentage you get in your examination.

Grade Percentage

A 80% and Above

B 60% to 79.9%

C 50% to 59.9%

D 40% to 49.9%

E Below 40%

The letter grading system is used for grading your assignment marks and theory marks. Following is the list of grades with remarks:

Grade Remarks

A Excellent

B Very Good

C Good

D Satisfactory

E Unsatisfactory

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